About Lifeplan

Lifeplan’s Offer

Are you an employer who appreciates the value of your co-workers pension funds? Do you want to offer your co-workers objective advice regarding their, maybe most cruisial financial decisions of their professional life? Lifeplan gives you the opportunity to offer your co-workers individual investment advice for their pension savings.

Pension related issues are considered difficult by many. For your co-workers to gain control and get the most out of the pension funds that you, as an employer set aside on their behalf, Lifeplan is the tool. You can make an easy-to use, 24/7-accessible online service for pension investment advice available to your workforce.

Note that Lifeplan do not offer any own funds. Neither do we accept any commissions or kickbacks.

The advise is suited for every user who works most of their time in Sweden and who has e-identification (BankID) and an email address.

Interested? Submit your contact information here and we will get back to you.

Do you have access to Lifeplan?

Do you work within an organization that offers its co-workers free access to Lifeplan Pension Tool? You might already have the opportunity to take advantage of individual investment advise for your pension.

Try to log in with your social security number and e-identification (BankID).

There is also a limited version, Lifeplan Mini.