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Europe's leading algorithm-based advisor for pension

1. Assembles

Lifeplan collects information from the three different sources of your Swedish pension and provides a single overview.

2. Analyse

Lifeplan examines how well your current retirement savings are invested so as to ensure you can maximise your available funds in the future.

3. Gives advice

Lifeplan helps you to spread your risk, reduce your fees and find the best possible funds for your pension.

4. Monitors

Lifeplan continually watches over your investments and marks their performance, contacting you when improvements can be made.

In just 10 minutes, we’ll help you find the right funds, lower your fees and spread your risk across your entire portfolio.


Lifeplan is based on the world’s leading research within long-term financial investment, risk diversification and fund optimisation – tailored specifically to Sweden’s pension landscape.


At Lifeplan, we recognize the value of objective pension advice. We’re completely independent – meaning that we don’t own any funds, and we won’t receive any kickbacks. Rest assured, we only ever have your best interests at heart.


Through lower fees, efficient diversification and better performing funds, we help our members to increase their expected annual rate of return – without increasing risk. For many, this often equates to millions more in retirement income.

More about our methods

Weary of industry vultures, costly fees on fees in fund-of-funds and advisers who you suspect will not have your best interests at heart? At Lifeplan, we were founded to provide you with an honest alternative.

Karl Erlandzon
Ph.D in Financial Economics, Co-founder and CEO of Lifeplan.

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