Our methods

Corner stones

Lifeplan is based on the world’s leading research across long-term financial investment, capital allocation, portfolio optimisation and investment analysis – including, too, our own research in this area. Thanks to Lifeplan’s advanced algorithmic software design, our members are able to receive uniquely tailored advice of the highest quality.

The Lifeplan concept is shaped by the following cornerstones:


1. We’ll collate and assemble your entire portfolio

If you’ve worked for even just a few years, you probably have pension capital placed in a variety of different places. First, you have your public pension (income pension and premium pension), and likely an occupational pension and perhaps private pension savings which you have invested yourself. If you have worked at more than one employer, then your occupational pension probably will be placed across different insurance companies. Lifeplan collates together the various parts of your pension and presents it in one view. This not only gives you a good overview of your pension, but it helps us to see the big picture – meaning that we can give you better financial advice. Even if parts of your pension are “frozen”, we’ll still take these funds into account to provide you with optimum risk diversification in your overall portfolio.


2. We’ll provide a tailored analysis

As part of our analysis, we’ll identify your personal attitude towards risk. By adopting a high risk approach, you’ll give your capital a better foundation for growth in the event of a strong world economy. However, you’ll also have the potential to lose far more if the world’s markets were to experience a downturn.

Lifeplan also takes into account factors like your age, your capital, your industry sector, the available options within your pension insurances etc when we perform our analysis.


3. We’ll give you advice which is impartial and scientific

At Lifeplan, we’re completely independent – meaning that we won’t receive any kickbacks from any insurance companies on the back of giving you investment advice. Nor do we have any hidden agendas to influence your decision. Our sole agenda is to secure you the best possible retirement based on your terms.

Our tailored advice is based on a series of scientific algorithms – assembled using the world’s leading research and shaped according to the current pension landscape in Sweden. Lifeplan helps you to achieve:

4. We’ll continue to watch over your capital

When markets, pension products and your personal circumstances change, then it may be wise to reassess how your pension capital is placed. Your options may change, better fund alternatives may appear, a particular market may develop differently than expected or your salary may change. Lifeplan will also automatically adjust your level of risk as you draw closer to retirement age. Whatever happens, Lifeplan will keep close watch over your capital and contact you when improvements can be made.