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Here you can find some frequently asked questions and their answers. Please, contact our customer support with any question not answered below.

How do I get started with Lifeplan?

Lifeplan is usually only available through your employer. If your employer provides you with Lifeplan, you can get started today simply by logging in to your employer’s benefit portal. Before you get started, you’ll first need to submit a power of attorney (which you can do either online or though the post). This simply gives Lifeplan the authority to access and collate your various pension information. As soon as Lifeplan has assembled this information, you’ll be able to get started immediately.

I have just received an advice invitation via email. What do I do next?

In the email, you’ll find a link to Lifeplan’s service. Click the link, log in and click the button “Create new advice” in order to start the fund switching process. You’ll find information about your new advice and instructions on what to do with each of the pension insurances and the suggested choices you can make.

How often will I receive new advice?

On average, our members will receive new advice between 1-3 times each year – however, this figure may be less- or more frequent depending on the market and your individual situation. If you do not hear anything from Lifeplan, you can assume that your capital is well invested.

Do you recommend a transfer of capital between different insurance companies?

No, we will only optimise your capital based on the available funds within your pension insurance company. The reason is that most insurance providers already offer an expansive and diverse range of options. Transferring capital between providers is often more expensive than it is worth.

On which factors do you base your advice?

Lifeplan bases its concept on leading scientific research within the field of long-term financial investment. Lifeplan will take a number of factors into account when making its analysis, such as:

My premium pension (PPM) has slumped compared to the average. Do this mean that Lifeplan has given me bad advice?

The premium pension is Sweden’s largest fund procurement within pensions. This means that within the premium pension, you’ll often find the biggest discounts on fund fees. When Lifeplan first analyses your total portfolio, we will often recommend that you buy the most expensive funds available as part of your premium pension so as to take advantage of the huge discounts. Funds with higher risk are often more expensive than funds with a lower risk. If you opt to accept Lifeplan’s advice, you will often have a greater risk within your premium pension than you have across your total portfolio. Therefore, if the markets were to depreciate, it is more likely that your premium pension will be affected. On the contrary, if the markets were to behave more favourably, then your premium pension will have a higher return than the average. It is always important to remember that Lifeplan operates according to a long-term strategy. The aim is to secure the best possible pension for the day on which you retire.