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Through your employer, you have access to Lifeplan which offers placement advice for your pension.

What do YOU think? You’re now invited to take part in our easy online guide – including a live Q&A session. The guide will be broadcast live and takes just 20 minutes. Afterwards, you can pick the brains of one of our experts via a live chat feed. You can take part via both mobile and desktop.

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Thursday, March 4, 11:00          Register here!

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In Swedish:

Tisdag 2 Mars kl 8:00          Anmäl dig här!

Tisdag 2 Mars kl 9:00          Anmäl dig här!

Onsdag 3 Mars kl 8:00         Anmäl dig här!

Onsdag 3 Mars kl 09:00        Anmäl dig här!

Torsdag 4 Mars kl 9:00         Anmäl dig här!

Tisdag 9 Mars kl 8:00               Anmäl dig här!

Tisdag 9 Mars kl 9:00               Anmäl dig här!

Onsdag 10 Mars kl 17:30          Anmäl dig här!  

Torsdag 11 Mars kl 11:00          Anmäl dig här!

Torsdag 11 Mars kl 14:00          Anmäl dig här!

Some reviews:

“Fantastic! Definitely worth the time. Thanks.”

”Clear, educational and relevant”

“Very good with a person who presents and an opportunity to ask questions.”

Lifeplan is funded by your employer and is free from impact factors such as kickbacks or conflicts. This guarantees an impartial service which puts your best interests first.