About Waizer


Waizer AB and Lifeplan are both part of the Benify Group. Waizer AB is a securities company regulated by the Swedish Financial Services Authority and has the following authorizations according to Mifid2:

This can be verified by at Finansinspektionen

Company details

Company registration number: 559018-9303
VAT number: SE559018930301

Postal address
Box 24101
104 51 Stockholm

Visiting address
Banérgatan 16
115 23 Stockholm

E-post: support@waizer.se
Telefon number: 0200 75 15 15


If you are a Lifeplan customer, and you are not satisfied with how your request related to the investment advice in the premium pension and / or the IPS account has been handled, you can file a formal complaint to Waizer, who’s responsible for this part of the Lifeplans investment advice service. Contact the complaint manager through a letter posted to below address details or via e-mail.

Att: Compliance Officer Waizer AB (klagomålsansvarig)
Waizer AB
Box 24101
104 51 Stockholm

E-mail: klaga@waizer.se

If you still not satisfied with the handling of your request after filing a complaint to the complaint manager, please contact Konumenternas bank & finansbyrå; an independent agency that helps customer in the financial industry.

Konsumenternas bank & finansbyrå
Box 242 23
S-104 51 Stockholm
Phone: +46 8 24 30 85

Another option is to contact Allmänna Reklamationsnämnden (ARN). ARN is the authority that with a impartial stance investigate disputes between consumers and companies and decide how it’s to be resolved. You reach ARN through their website or below address details:

Allmänna Reklamationsnämnden
Box 174
101 23 Stockholm